JLG attorneys have prevailed in numerous cases where clients have sought to expunge their criminal record in order to free themselves of the stigma of having a criminal record due to a mistake in the past. JLG attorneys have prevailed in such cases e...

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Murder Or Homicide

People vs. Picken Our client was charged with Murder and Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking. The government accused our client of hijacking an elderly man’s vehicle and killing him in the process. The charges arose from an investigation that spanned a 7...

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Burglary Or Robbery

People vs. Schmillen Client was charged with attempted residential burglary. The victim caught our client in the process of committing the crime and was able to positively ID him from a lineup after police caught him hiding nearby. These damning fac...

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People vs. Dooley JLG Attorney and Investigators worked together as a team with the client, a medical professional who was charged with 8 counts of Felony Theft. With a conviction of a felony, the client’s career would end immediately. After 14 mont...

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